Blackhole Trap - The Original Blackhole Mole, Rodent & Gopher Trap, Spring Loaded, Easy to Use, Reusable Dark Trap Hole for Eliminating Pests in All Yards - 100177

Condition: New

Damage: No

Functional: Yes

Missing Parts: No

Assembly Req: No

In Packaging: No

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Buyers Premium: 15%

Curbside Pick-Up Only at Spokane, WA

Pickup currently unavailable at Spokane Valley Store


Get rid of pesky backyard pests with The Original Black Hole Gopher Trap! This round trap is designed to easily fit into ground tunnels, making capturing gophers a breeze. And don't worry, the trap is made of durable material so it will last through countless critter captures. Follow these simple steps: 1. Place the trap on a flat surface. 2. Press down the spring with your left hand and hold it in place. 3. Lay the "spring bar" across the spring and insert one end into the "trigger bar". Carefully release the spring. 4. Now your trap is set and ready to be installed in a gopher tunnel. Here's how to install it: 1. Lightly cover the trap with soil to conceal the cable noose and trap floor. 2. Find a fresh gopher or mole mound and dig up the open tunnel. For lawns, carefully remove a rectangular piece of sod and set it aside to

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