Blackhole Trap - The Original Blackhole Mole, Rodent & Gopher Trap, Spring Loaded, Easy to Use, Reusable Dark Trap Hole for Eliminating Pests in All Yards - 100647

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The Original Black Hole Gopher Trap is the ultimate solution to all your backyard pest problems. Keep your lawn looking its best and keep unwanted guests out of your garden. The Black Hole Trap’s round shape fits right into the ground tunnels for easy capture. Gophers are very active, if one is not caught within a couple hours, remove the trap and place it in another hole. The trap is made of durable material and designed to last. The Black Hole catches all critters, keeping your property at its pest-free best. Setting Instructions: 1. Lay blackhole trap on flat surface. 2. With left hand, depress spring down flush with top of trap and hold down. 3. With tight hand, lay “spring bar” across spring and insert end in “trigger bar” across spring and insert end in “trigger” hold. Gently release. 4. The trap is now set and ready to install in gopher tunnel. Installing Instructions: 1. Lightly “prime” blackhole trap with loose soil to conceal cable noose and floor of trap. 2. Find a fresh gopher or mole mound. Dig up and expose open tunnel. In lawns, carefully spade up a rectangular piece of sod and save to cover hole once rodent is caught. 3. Install blackhole trap in tunnel opening and seal all cracks with loose soil to ensure no light enters. 4. Keep vent hole in the back end of the trap clear of soil to allow air to enter.