SUNNTO MB-6 Compass: A rugged sighting compass in a protective matchbox case - 100219

Condition: New

Damage: No

Functional: Yes

Missing Parts: No

Assembly Req: No

In Packaging: Yes

Light package damage

Est. Retail:




Buyers Premium: 15%

Curbside Pick-Up Only at Spokane, WA

Pickup currently unavailable at Spokane Valley Store


Introducing the SUNNTO MB-6 Compass - a rugged yet playful compass in a matchbox case! Perfect for navigating high elevations, this compact compass boasts a steel needle with jewel bearing, adjustable declination correction, and a handy mirror. Proudly made in Finland, this functional compass is perfect for alpine skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and even trail running (if you're feeling adventurous)! With over 80 years of experience, Suunto is the go-to brand for precision and innovation in compasses, watches, and dive products. No need for batteries - just head outside and start exploring!

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