Wander's Auction Bidding Guide

🔹 1-Day Auctions: Items are available for bidding over a 24-hour period.

🔹 Proxy Bidding: Enter your maximum bid and the system will represent you, automatically increasing your bid only when another user bids higher, up to your set maximum.

🔹 Popcorn Bidding: When a bid is placed during the final moments, the auction duration extends slightly to ensure all interested parties have an equal opportunity to bid.

Auction Tips

🔹 Set a Budget: Know your limit and stick to it. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, but setting a budget can help you make informed decisions.

🔹 Research Items: Familiarize yourself with the items you're interested in. Know their value and condition before placing a bid.

🔹 Stay Updated: Keep an eye on items you've bid on, especially as the auction nears its end. This helps you counter any last-minute bids.

🔹 Avoid Bidding Wars: While it's tempting to outbid others, sometimes it's best to wait and see, especially if the bidding exceeds your set budget.

🔹 Utilize Proxy Bidding: It's an efficient way to maintain your lead without constantly monitoring an auction.